Together Song

The Improvisations of Daniel Carter and Avi Granite Vol.1

i. No One Will Believe Your Clouds              2:40
ii. Misty Threads                                            8:30
iii. When We                                                 24:49

Daniel Carter: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Avi Granite: Electric Guitar 

Compositions: Daniel Carter/Avi Granite SOCAN/ASCAP 

Recorded October 18 2018 Bunker Studios Brooklyn NY Recording Engineer: Alex Conroy
Producer: Avi Granite
Label: Pet Mantis Records PMR013

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More info:

Meeting on a session, Daniel and Avi developed a fast friendship and kindred instrest in eachothers’ music, life, and purview. Since 2015 the duo have been developing a dialogue in sessions around NYC. In October 2018 they spent a day recording some of their work. 

From the musicians: 

"Avi has given me big encouragement in the area of what I consider to be major criteria: an accomplished instrumentalist to play freely with, context, mood, atmosphere, harmony, sonority, vibe, a sense of placement of so-called “artistic product” in the world, vigorous conversation, both musical and verbal, spiritual connect, friendship, mutual regard and respect, incentive to be a free, sovereign, beyond-cosmic, sentient entity.”
~ Daniel Carter 

“The music is as we are, in conversation. Sometimes together, sometimes at each other. In parallel, and then we see what we see and feel what we feel and discover what we discover. Daniel is the most open player I’ve ever known. He doesn’t mind getting beautiful, basking in the light while still finding footing in the depths of emotional tension. Vibrationally a guiding force for me and many others.”
~ Avi Granite